• Conserving the Nucleus of the Arun Valley

    MAVES aims to understand, conserve and enhance the Mid Arun Valley environment south and west of Arundel.  

    This rare landscape unites a wealth of varied features: downland dip slope and coastal plain, river and stream valleys, ancient woodland and hedgerows, arable and pasture, fenland grazing marsh and watermeadows, in a medieval village landscape.  This fascinating variety of landscape character can be clearly seen in the aerial photo above.  

    Although our area is sometimes referred to as part of the 'Lower Arun Valley', we call it the "Mid Arun Valley".  We do this to emphasise the important position of the MAVES project area in between the coastal estuary plain south of the railway, and, north of the A27, the upstream Arun-Rother area with its many wildlife designated sites (SSSI, SPA, SAC, RAMSAR).  

    This wider context means that as well as being itself rich in habitats, the MAVES area is also importantly positioned for migrating waterfowl and other migrating wildlife.  This can be clearly seen in the map of the Arun-Rother Catchment below, on which the MAVES project area is marked in purple:  

  • map
  • Who are the MAVES Committee?

    Chair:  Julia Plumstead              Consultant Ecologist:  Jackie Thompson       Ian Powell                John Knight

    Fundraising:  Andrew Davies       Website manager:  Mike Tristram                Secretary:  Nell Paton   

    Volunteers:  Mark Hunt

    Treasurer:  Tony Elphick             Sue Elphick                                               Emma Tristram (Alternate Secretary)

    Sussex Wildlife Trust partner:      Tony Whitbread                                        Arundel Agenda 21 partner: Kay Wagland